face and body mask blue nella

1.500 KD

The blue nella mud mask has many amazing benefits for the skin, as it increases luster and softness. It contains blue indigo, one of the natural ingredients that provides the skin with great benefits. It works to deeply cleanse pores, helps to get rid of acne, and helps reduce the appearance of dull skin.
It also unifies skin tone
Opens pores and moisturizes the skin to make it fresh.
A luxurious formula for sifting the skin.
Removing dead cells and removing dead skin.
Shines, softens and nourishes the skin.
How to use :
Apply an even layer of the ready-to-use clay mask to clean completely dry skin for a few minutes until it dries and leave it to form a solid layer. Rinse your face for 10-15 minutes and shape it well with lukewarm water.

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